Spiceland, Wellington

16 Market Street,

01952 248417

Our Award Winning Menu is made up of the very finest dishes, made from authentic herbs & spices & the freshest ingredients. It is not by accident that we have been awarded the Gold Award from Quality Food Online, The Good Food Guide’s Quality & Excellence Award & The UK Masterchef Award – Our talented team of chefs strive to produce only the very best.

6 Responses to Spiceland, Wellington

  1. Tasterman tasterman says:

    A promising start, with prompt efficient service as we arrived. Slightly let down by the fact that they ‘forgot’ to bring us our change after the meal which upset Dr. Spice somewhat.
    The Chicken Tikka Badamee was more sauce than meat but pleasant enough, the Spiceland Special Naan is highly recommended.
    Toilet floor felt like it had been pre-greased it was so slippy.

  2. Dr Spice Dr Spice says:

    Food: The meatballs (Kofte Shahi) I had were really nice. The meat balls were really tender and there was an explosion of flavours when the juicy centres burst out. The spiciness was just right, enough spice heat to still enjoy the wealth of spices that this dish offered.
    Drink: I ordered the Lal Toofan beer, it reminded me of snakebite, I am not sure if it was supposed to taste like that but I did not particularly enjoy it.

    Overall I enjoyed this restaurant. The atmosphere was good, the service attentive and the food was really good.

  3. macman macman says:

    Not keen on cramped venues as Spiceland is. Good service but the Lamb Dansak didn’t look too appealing (as Dansak dishes aren’t anyway!). The lamb was nice and tender though.

    Oh, the Fanta turned into a hushed Orange juice and lemonade. Overall a 6 out of 10 from me.

  4. Korma King Korma King says:

    There was a nice atmosphere as we were warmly welcomed in but the temperature was a little on the warm side, possibly due to the number of people in there as it was pretty busy.

    The standard Lamb Tikka Korma was ordered with mushroom pilau rice, it was very nice but nothing special. I also had a Nargis Kebab (an Indian Scotch egg) which is the bench mark which I use to gauge an Indian restaurant, usually a sign of good restaurant if this is on the menu. I have to say this Nargis Kebab was excellent, possibly the best I’ve had.

    The service and atmosphere was good, the food was excellent therefore I’d give this 7/10

  5. Arthur Ringsting Arthur Ringsting says:

    The last one we went to – Spiceland – had some really dodgy slippy stuff on the floor of the bogs. Note to management – invest in some cleaning products and regularly inspect. I am not cut out for ice skating during urinal relief.

  6. Dr Spice Dr Spice says:

    I recently went here with my family. The toilet floor issue has now been resolved. Again it was really good food and they didn’t mind the kids making a mess.

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