Spice Lounge, Oakengates

18 Market Street
Phone : 01952 610313 | Web : spiceloungetelford.co.uk

Spice Lounge is a contemporary Indian restaurant serving Exquisite Asian Cuisine located in Oakengates, Telford near to the Oakengates theatre.

We offer a wide variety of unique dishes, which are prepared by our head chef who has over 22 years experience. When you have such an experience that’s when you can be creative with a 10 ingredient SECRET RECIPE only served at Spice Lounge known as the Chef Specials!

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  1. macman macman says:

    Although busy, the staff prepared a table in double-quick time – which made us feel guilty as we only walked in for a warm by the front door heater. The attitude of the staff was great, asking what we intend to do for the rest of the evening etc. Starters of Mixed Platter was lovely, excellent choice of dip (a nice minty one!) – but I felt there wasnt enough meat – perhaps I’m being too greedy. The quickly served main course was Shahi Chicken, which consisted of ample tandoori chicken and mince. VERY tasty – but more spicy than a ‘medium’ as the menu suggested. A disappointing delay for the ‘daleks’ and again, despite tasting gorgeous… I felt 2 and a bit scoops was not enough? Toilets OK.
    8 out of 10.

  2. Dr Spice Dr Spice says:

    I was initially impressed, the starters were really good with some nice colourful dips that tasted spicy and aromatic. The main course, however, was not so great. Two of us ordered Murghi Marsalla but asked for it madras hot. I like this dish as it has both tandoori chicken pieces and minced lamb mixed in a thick sauce with a boiled egg (sliced in this restaurant’s version). When it arrived it was announced as Murgh Narangee which is similar to murgi marsalla but with less spice and with an omlette on top. We said that we did not order this but the waiter did not believe us so checked the order ticket. He then said that there was something wrong as the ticket said murgi marsalla but the order was murgh narangee. He took the dishes back to the kitchen but then returned them to us saying that they were in fact murgi marsalla. It was not spicy at all so I complained again and was told that the chef had been ‘lenient on the spices’ as they did not know how hot we wanted it. (We did ask for madras hot that should have been a clue!). They provided a dish of chopped chillies to add to the dish but all this did was add the occasional heat to the insipid flavourless boiled mince dish. We were asked at the end if everything was okay with the meal, I again complained about our dishes but the waiter simply asked ‘Apart from that was everything okay?’ Well, yes, apart from getting the wrong dish that was not very nice and still being charged full price for it and apart from the long delay between main course and desert, and apart from the pricey bill, everything was great.
    score 2 out of 10.

  3. janice says:

    have been here lots of times and every time the service and food has been excellent so well done.
    have also had a couple of takeaways and found the service and standard of the food exactly the same as if you were in the restaurant. so you have a happy customer here and i am going there tonight with a couple of girls from work, lets see what they think.!!!!!
    9 out of 10 to you guys

  4. Barbara Biddulph says:

    just had a lovely meal we were not rushed, and the atmosphere was great, staff were pleasant, attentive and had a great sense of humour. The food was very good the
    best i have had for ages. I would highly recommend this restaurant and will be returning in September for my birthday.
    Thank youx

  5. nicole novak says:

    I have just eaten a takeaway from spice lounge. I have to give the delivery time and the food a 12 outta 10. After being let down numerous times by other restuarant food. I must say spice lounge was perfect.
    Deliverey time was very good, the price was very good and the quality of the food was 5 star!!! Everything felt fresh,hot and very well cooked. Altogether made the best takeaway iv yet tried!!

    Compliments to your chef!! And we will of course be reccomending and ordering reguarly from here x

    Thankyou for a lovely meal

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