Shimla, Newport

22a St Mary Street
TF10 7AB
Tel: 01952 825322

4 Responses to Shimla, Newport

  1. macman macman says:

    Hear great reviews about this place. The food was LOVELY… the best so far. Service not so great.

    My main of Chicken Pathia (sweet n sour) was just sublime. Highly recommended…. not too spicy, not too mild. Disappointed at lack of desserts… plenty on offer, but only 2 ice creams available. Service was average to say the least, and I felt at the end of the evening the staff seemed keen to rush us out and get packed up – a big no, no.

    7 out of 10… but this is just based on the food.

  2. Dr Spice Dr Spice says:

    The service was very poor. Even though we were the only ones in there at one point there were no staff to service us. We had to ask for our first drinks after about 30 minutes of arriving. The food was okay but I have had better, I was warned that the dish I ordered was a hot dish but found it to be on par with a medium spiced dish.

  3. Tasterman Tasterman says:

    Very disappointing. Incredibly slow service, despite the fact that it wasn’t very busy at all. I had the Chicken Jaipur which was pretty bland with not much to it. The Cheese and Keema naan was a bit on the burnt side too.

  4. kelly says:

    Have to say this is now one of our favourite places to eat out in Newport. The service is second to none with the staff attentive and friendly. Every meal we have had has been delicious and cooked to perfection, all in all a great little gem of a restaurant!

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