Cafe Mariya, Wellington

9 New Street,

Tel: 01952 258485

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  1. Tasterman Tasterman says:

    This venue is not licenced to serve alcohol, so it’s take your own drinks which is fine by me.
    Decor was very basic, you won’t find plush carpets and mood lighting here!
    Starter was served very quickly so top marks for that, the mixed kebab was very nice indeed, very tender and juicy. The main course did seem to take an excessive time to arrive considering the place was almost empty, but the Mariya Special Mix was very good, quite mild but with a bit of tang to it and plenty of prawns which is a bonus. Keema Naan was a bit bland however.
    It all started to go downhill after the main course, as the only desserts available were some pre-packaged treacle and bakewell tarts, and a single remaining slice of black-forest gateaux. In fact, the waiter was so ashamed that he said he wouldn’t charge us for the dessert.
    Finally, when trying to pay we were told that cards are not accepted, what’s that all about?!!

  2. Dr Spice Dr Spice says:

    The place is very ‘intimate’, it doubles as a cafe by day and is situated opposite the sweet shop in the High Street. The popadoms were nice and warm when they arrived as though they had been freshly made. The mixed kebab starter was excellent. The lamb pieces were really tender and juicy. I am always reluctant to order lamb in case it is chewy and tough but here it was not. There was quite a wait for the main course but the waiter was apologetic and the food, again, was excellent. I had ordered garlic chicken and a cheese and onion Naan. The portions were large and there was plenty of meat in the dish. It is really a shame about the lack of desserts and the fact that you could not pay by card as otherwise this restaurant would have got a much better score. I think the addition of tablecloths and napkins would also have made this a better venue. If you are looking for great food for an excellent price with no frills then this is your place.
    I give this place 6 out of 10.

  3. Korma King Korma King says:

    If you can get past the very basic feel to the place, the food on offer is a bargain and of the highest quality. I had a lamb pasanda, creamy mild dish with almonds, lamb was tender and the portion with rice was generous, food was excellent. Service was slow, which they apologised for and no deserts, which they offered some free cakes instead but can still only give it 7/10 despite food being excellent.

  4. macman macman says:

    Quite a small venue, but not busy at all for a Saturday night. Poppadom starters arrived very quick, then we decided on the 3 courses for a tenner. The Mixed Kebab starter was, as stated already, awesome. SO tender and juicy – I could have eaten this as my main course if it was 4 times bigger. A much longer wait for the Mains though – the usual Chicken Dansak was very enjoyable, and plentiful too – but the letdown happened on the desserts (or lack of). Pre-packaged tarts and bakewell didn’t go down too well.

    Bring your own drink made it a cheaper night out – but don’t get caught out with ‘3 courses for a tenner’ if you are expecting a nice dessert. Washroom facilities were adequate, although a steep stair climb was needed, as well as the toilet door was in need of a sugar-soaping.

    Overall 7 out of 10 – mainly for ample main course dish…. and cheap bill!

  5. Arthur Ringsting Arthur Ringsting says:

    I agree with my fellow tasters regarding the venue. Small and intimate with a hint of school dinner hall about it. Anyway, the starter of mixed kebab was really tasty. The main of lamb vindaloo was the hottest I have had for a while. Normally I get a sense of hotness from the chopped up chillies scattered around the dish. This baby was really well disguised. No hint of the carnage to follow. However, the lamb was really well cooked, and flavoursome.

    I didnt go for dessert. I didnt want to chew on a welly, thank you.

    The toilets were upstairs. Basic. Being as our party was the last to leave the establishment, I chose to frequent the ladies as well to see what extras were on offer. Maybe the occasional plastic flower, bowl of fragranced smellies in a dish on the window ledge. Not a chance. Anyway, dont get caught requiring a long session of dowmloading in there this winter. The windows werent so well sealed.

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