Blue Elephant, Ketley

Holyhead Road,

T. 01952 253 024 / 197

The Blue Elephant Contemporary Indian restaurant is the new addition to the Indian restaurant market in Telford, Shropshire.

Within in a few months Blue Elephant has established a name for its high quality in food and service to customers and has become the Telford Premier Indian Restaurant.

7 Responses to Blue Elephant, Ketley

  1. macman macman says:

    LOVE the privacy and space this venue offered. Chicken Dansak looked great and tasted even better. Very S L O W service though. 8 out of 10. WOuld have been higher if the service was quicker.

  2. Tasterman Tasterman says:

    First impressions – nice carpets.

    Free brandy was a welcome treat, and Korma King enjoyed mounting the elephants.

  3. Dr Spice Dr Spice says:

    The menu offered two halves at a cheaper price than one pint so we ended up with a table full of half glasses. The food was very nice but we were left waiting quite often. The decor was nice and the complimentary Brandies made up for the slow service. 7/10

  4. Korma King Korma King says:

    Possibly the nicest looking Indian restaurant I’ve been too, very homely feel to it. Food was pretty good too and the menu is easily the biggest i’d even seen, you were spoiled for choice, though service wasn’t so good. I’d give it 7/10.

    Also got to ride an elephant! (All be it a small statue outside!)

  5. Goak says:

    Nice surroundings but restaurant is poorly managed.

    Waiters pleasant but more interested in talking than looking after customer needs. (We were a table of 8 but sat with empty glasses until we could get a waiter’s attention).

    Their web site license expired in August and they don’t seem interested enough to get it renewed. This is a restaurant on the slide and we won’t be going there again – it’s not like there aren’t plenty of alternatives in the area. Avoid.

  6. keith says:

    good food, good service, good surroundings,

    shame about phone scam to get cash payments. it only happens on quiet nights.
    we used to go often , but think this scam is sign of end, not for us any more

  7. Sue says:

    Varied menu but VERY SLOW SERVICE. Sat down at 19:30 and waited until 21:20 for our food! What we had was good when we finally got it but no meal is worth waiting 2 hours for, never again.

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