The Expendables

A team of mercenaries head to South America on a mission to overthrow a dictator.

3 Responses to The Expendables

  1. Tasterman Tasterman says:

    The Expendables can be described in three words: Utter horse shit.
    What should have been a top film full of big name hard-case actors turned out to be dull and pointless, with absolutely no plot whatsoever.
    Far too much talking, and not enough action although to be fair there were a few decent explosions near the end.
    Arnie was only in it for a couple of minutes as they obviously couldn’t let him out of his care home for very long, he is certainly moving very much into coffin-dodger territory.
    In fact, the rest of them are pretty much past it too especially Stallone, trying far to hard to be bad-ass hard men when really they are bascially geriatrics that should have retired back in the 80s.

  2. macman macman says:

    Awful. No tits or fanny. It was just boring South American dictators and brain-dead soldiers…. LOTS of talking, talking, talking… and seeing the ‘old’ cast made me realise how old I am getting. It was embarrasing seeing Sly/Mickey Rourke/Arnie and co in HD.. as it showed their age terribly in High Definition!

    Good explosions at the end… but by then you are just desparate for the end to come… if you’ve lasted that far.

    Did I say there was talking in it?

  3. Dr Spice Dr Spice says:

    Err. I don’t understand what was going on. Some men were going somewhere to fight some other men for some reason. There were lots of macho ramblings about something or the other and some tattoo shop was there for some reason. I felt like my wife must feel when I force her to endure some half decent action movie. This was pants.

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