After a sudden underwater tremor sets free scores of the prehistoric man-eating fish, an unlikely group of strangers must band together to stop themselves from becoming fish food for the area’s new razor-toothed residents.

5 Responses to Piranha

  1. Tasterman Tasterman says:

    Had high hopes for this one having read the details on IMDB – unfortunately it just wasn’t that great. The plot was very weak and consists of ‘mutant piranhas kill everyone’, but as long as you accept the storyline is non existant its fair to say there was an extreme amount of top quality gore. Can’t complain about the naked swimming scene with Kelly Brook and that other bird though, it certainly fulfilled the ‘tit and arse’ quota that we like to see in our film viewings.

  2. Dr Spice Dr Spice says:

    This film was dire, There were a few amusing gore scenes but the rest of it was very poor. I did not expect much in the way of a plot but was still disappointed.

  3. Korma King Korma King says:

    Kelly Brook swimming naked underwater with another chick… nuff said!

  4. macman macman says:

    ..and the other chick was shaved!

    No real storyline other than the usual ‘Man-eating piranhas eat people’. Expected a bit more… and the constant dancing of ‘perfectly shaped american tanned women’ gave an unrealistic view of real-life. But, boy, they did have nice arses and tits.

  5. Arthur Ringsting Arthur Ringsting says:

    I enjoyed it. Very funny, particularly the scene when the other fit bird had been eaten by those little rascals, and her silicone breast implants were floating to the top of the lake. The licking of JD off the belly could have been better………………..but how??

    Underwater swimming well choreographed and shot. Great knockers.

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